Mar 222013 【セット】粕汁フェイス+洗濯板+NJXA

[Set]Cusjiru face + scrub board + NJXA

Modified version[DLKey] 【身体】NJXA拘束Body(NJXA3対応)

[Body] Body BIND NJXA (NJXA3 compatible)[DLKey] 【Hアイテム】NJXAボディ用の下の毛

[H item] NJXA body pubic hair[DLKey] 【セット】NJXA用セーラー服(改正版)+おまけ

[Set] NJXA sailor uniform (revised version) + omake[DLKey] 【下服】NJXA用スパッツ

[Underwear] Spats for NJXA

  3 Responses to “NJXA Related mods”

  1. i have a problem with the hair color of NJXA, i did all you sauy in the tutorial, i have the color of the hair but no in the sideburns, it didnt change the color, i only have the black one. have a solution?

    • uhmm, toonshader2 / .netframeworks 2.0 upper installed? if yes, i think you named some of the files wrongly or linked them in the program wrongly.

      worst come to worst i’ll upload my file if im less busy..

  2. dl key is always “custom” . please learn to read or at least try to read or make the effort to look for it.

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